Dread guy

  Here's the dread guy again. the next assignment in the back category. This is the first of many updates coming. I got really behind in my posting and I need to catch up. Please enjoy.

Down Time

I've been getting situated and working on school work the last few days.  I have  a few thing to post coming up soon and I've been videoing myself doing my school assignments. So, once I have time to edit those I'll post them as well. Have an awesome day, homies.

Rearranging the studio

We rearranged the studio. Actually it's still not done. So that's why I didn't have anything to post the last couple of days. You'll get more soon, just be patient. Sheesh. Stuff is everywhere. It's a nightmare.

Please support my friend and his daughter!

Please tell everyone you know to support this. It's for anyone who has ever lost a pet. Created by 7-year-old Evie Dunn FETCH is the epic story of a young girl who faces off with the Gods of Olympus to get her dog back!

Quick sketches in red pencil

I found these readable colored pencils at Walmart for cheap. Great for sketching. I'm impressed. I like them better than the prismacolor col-erase pencils.

Some Dead Leap Pencils

So far it's just some dudes talking. So, I twisted some of the scenes so it seemed more interesting. Also we're taking some inspiration from Robert Kirkman and copying panels and changing the art slightly.  

Dead Leap page 1

This is the first of a 10 page story I'm working on for Deej Penhollow. I used the layouts given to me (I don't know who did the layouts) and I re-drew the whole thing then I inked and did the grey tones. I'll also be lettering the book and from here on I'll be... Continue Reading →

Samael’s Lament

    I realized I had been updating while working on this story but never posted the finished product. Here it is! Check out this story and others in Joshua Black #4 by CAE Studios! And look for more from CAE Studios at     

Anatomy homework (In progress)

    Homework from my 1st week of anatomy class. This is just the rough-in. I may post the final. It depends on how much I like it once it's done. ha

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